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QuanCon's mission is to effectively plan, manage and implement IT rollout and transformation projects in such a way, that any associated economic and organisational goal is respected and achieved.

QuanCon's experts draw their skill from over 10 years of rollout experience in large companies and organisations with up to 50,000 employees (end user devices) in excess of 1,000 national and international locations.

The foundation for successful IT rollout management simmers in the mindful planning of the technology transformation project. This is exactly where we start: Our approach includes a careful analysis and planning at the earliest stages of the project.



An integrative approach is used to unite all stakeholders in the planning phase, especially business units, in order to take into account all specific business-relevant requirements at the phase of analysis and design.

The planning phase features 5 service components:

  1. Analysis of the existing situation and future requirements

  2. Definition of the rollout strategy

  3. Evaluation of the framework conditions and identification of overlapping issues

  4. Conception and design of the rollout process

  5. Development of the rollout script

QuanCon uses pre-existing planning and control tools established by the customer. If required, standard industry tools can be offered for project-specific implementation.



QuanCon employs the control & operations centre concept to manage complex projects.

Depending on the size and complexity of the project, a main script and detailed scripts are developed.

Planning is tested and confirmed via piloting and family & friend approaches.

Procedures will be followed according to plan, yet providing agility in order to efficiently react to unforeseen events.

QuanCon provides all services in the context of the implementation, both in terms of hardware components and the software rollout from a single source.

After acceptance, the system is transferred to regular operation.



The implementation is followed by anchoring in the organisation through appropriate training and education and a coordinated supervised transfer into regular operations.